The National Lottery Authority NLA says allegations by the Ghana Lotto Operators Association, GLOA against KGL Technology Limited are lies, frivolous and baseless. It says KGL Technology Limited is legal and fully recognized by the NLA as its online lotto marketing company responsible for the operation of *959#.

The Ghana Lotto Operators Association, GLOA, at a news conference yesterday accused the Acting Director General of the National Lottery Authority, Ernest Mote, as a failure to the lotto industry as well as attempts to enable a company known as KGL Technology Limited to take over the operations of NLA and run it as a monopoly. Reacting to the allegations in a statement NLA described the partnership with KGL Technology Limited as a “game changer” and profitable unlike the licenses issued to members of Ghana Lotto Operators Association including Alpha Lotto Limited.

It says KGL Technology Limited is not indebted to NLA to the tune of twenty million as being speculated by GLOA and asks the general public to reject unsubstantiated allegations.

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