As part of its Corporate social responsibilities management of Lysaro 3L ventures have supported the Akuapem Akropong School for the blind with 2 Desktop Computers, and consumables such as 10 bags of rice, 15 gallons of Cooking oil, 5 bags of sugar, 4 bags of flour, biscuits, drinks, 15 Gallons of liquid soap and PPEs. The items worth Thousands of Cedis. 

Making the presentation,the CEO for Lysaro 3L Ventures and a Philanthropist, Mrs. Cynthia Adjei stated that, it’s part of the company’s CSOs and they have been supporting the school in several ways and the company’s duty to support the less privileged in the society. She also added that society has not done much to support the less privilege and the vulnerable ones, urging individuals and organisations to join resources to help the disadvantaged in the society to give them hope especially those on the streets. 

She however appealed to the school authorities to use the items to the benefit of the students who were the very reason for the donation.

Receiving the items , the assistant headmaster of the school Mr. Joseph Hormedzi commended the company and its CEO Mrs. Cynthia Agyei for their tremendous support to the institution all the time. 

He appealed to corporate bodies and benevolent organizations to support them equip its vocational training department with basic materials and logistics to help trained the visually impaired students to acquire handicraft skills during their stay in the school and make them gain some self employable skills in Future in order not to become a burden to the society. 

According to the Mr. Hormedzi, the absence of some of these Vocational materials and equipments affects the efficiency of the training of students in the vocational skills. 

The Akropong school for the blind was established several years ago to cater for the educational needs of the visually impaired ones in society.

In thinking about giving them theoretical education, vocational training was also considered to equip the students with some employable skills for their future.

However, the department which train these students is saddled with some challenges which makes it difficult for them to fully achieve its purpose. 

Speaking to Michael Akrofi in Akuapem Akropong, the Assistant Headmaster of the School, Master Joseph Atsu said, their mandate of training the students to acquire employable skills has become difficult since most of the materials and logistics needed for efficient work has not been met.

He therefore used the opportunity to appeal to corporate bodies, benevolent organizations and individuals to support them address the problem.

Source: AgendaArena

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