Suicide is the act of causing one’s own death.According to the World Health Organization, it is the third leading cause of death in 15-19 year olds and each year approximately 800,000 people commit suicide with a large number of people attempting it.

What may trigger one to commit suicide

~Mental disorders (depression,personality disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders). It is believed that most people suffering from depression may have suicidal thoughts and may eventually attempt it at a time when they are in “low spirits”

~Stress- Even though we may go through stress at certain times in our lives, some people become overwhelmed and are unable to deal with such stress hence the feeling to end it all becomes eminent.Typical examples of such stress are break-ups from romantic relationships, having financial problems, certain chronic sicknesses

~Family history of suicide

~Discrimination-Some victims of discrimination,abuse, harassment may attempt to end their lives as they feel hopeless and think that there is nothing to live for.

Methods of committing suicide

Here are a few ways through which people may take their lives

~Jumping from a height/ into a moving object.

~Shooting oneself

~Drug overdose

~Consumption of poison

~Slashing of one’s wrist

~Hanging with rope

The Suicide Plan

It’s believed that people who take their lives actually plan how to do it to the last detail.It is evident in the fact that most suicides are committed at a time where no one is around to see them in the act.

~The first step in the plan is the suicide ideation.

~Getting their personal stuff in order/giving out their belongings/saying goodbye to people

~Planning the time/plan /means and the access to the method of Suicide.Some may even deci to even write down a suicide not or schedule a post on their social media.

Warning Signs to look out for

~Withdrawal from relatives,family and any form social life .

~Aggressiveness/ Impulsiveness

~Mood swings

~Talking about feeling lost/alone/having nothing to live for

~Talking about suicide

It is important to know that some people who commit suicide do not show any warning signs and the above stated signs may not be associated with everyone but if you see any of these signs in someone, try having a conversation with the person,don’t judge. Listen to them with empathy and be encouraging.Let them know that suicide is not an option/way out and that help is available for them.

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