John Mahama’s name has crept into the case of a passport application that had some false information.

According to a statement issued by the special prosecutor, Martin Amidu, the false information was found in the form of Samuel Mahama.null

John Mahama

The former President may face up to a 2-year jail term for guaranteeing a passport application that had some forged information on it.

According to a report from the office of the Special prosecutor, there was a breach of the Passport and Travel Certificate Decree, 1967, NLCD 155 when the ex-president served as a guarantor for his brother Samuel Adam Mahama’s passport application with incorrect information on it.

Further revelation from the report has it that John Dramani Mahama together with his elder brother Alfred Abdulai Mahama were the guarantors for Samuel Mahama’s passport.

Apparently, Samuel Adam Mahama indicated on the form that he enrolled at the University of Ghana from January 6, 1992, to November 4, 1994.

This information was proven false but John Mahama went on to guarantee the application for his brother.

Martin Amidu’s statement added that John Mahama and his elder brother Alfred were in the known that their brother Samuel did not attend the University of Ghana but went ahead to guarantee the application.

A lawyer, Faisal Ibrahim weighing in on the issue wrote, ”Section 15 (1) (b) states that a person who makes a statement which is, to the knowledge of that person untrue for the purpose of procuring a passport or a travel certificate for that or any other person commits an offence.”

As punishment for this offence, defaulters could face 2 years imprisonment, a fine, or both.

Source: GhanaKay

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